I’m Terese, and I am a multi-disiplinary
graphic designer 
focused on visual, UI and
UX design. Besides visual presentation, I’m
very passionate about usability and accessibility.

I’m currently working as a graphic/UX designer
and freelance translator.

UX Design

User experience design – meaningful and relevant experiences.

UI Design

User interface design – designing interfaces focusing on usability, look and style.

Graphic Design

Communicate your message visually.

Digital Marketing

Online marketing – meet your audience where they are.

Translation Services

English-Norwegian freelance translator.

Latest Posts

Template Design

I think the phrase I've heard, and said the most these last years are: "Be consistent!".And I think this is an important rule in any type of design, but most importantly in Interface Design.Consistency is especially important because we as users already have a mental...

Data Visualization

Before we can think about how to visualise data, we need to understand what data is. Data can be statistics, facts and bits of information we gather that provides us with insights and knowledge. Data can also be qualitative or quantitative and are pieces of...

My take on Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a non-linear and iterative process that is often used to come up with innovative products or solutions that solve real problems for real people. The most common version of Design Thinking have 5 steps, and is both an ideology and a process.When I...

Design Systems – What are they?

A design system is a systematic library of how the visual aspects of a product is implemented. And it contains a collection of reusable components, code snippets and other assets. It also explains and guides the designer in how and when to use them. A design system is...

SkySmart – A booking app

Many of us use apps to book flights, and if we don't use them for the booking itself we often use them to keep track of our tickets and to get relevant updates and offers. In this assignment the goal was to design a mobile app for iPhone that also works on a...

Case Studies

The most recent projects I’ve worked on.

Pictures of the wireframe for the app
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