Freelance Translator

Are you looking for a trustworthy English-Norwegian native translator? I can definitely help you!

My professional background is in graphic design, UX design, UI design and Digital Marketing. I have a passion for visibility, usability and accessibility, and love reading and learning. Growing up in a family of seafarers, languages and other cultures was a big part of our upbringing – and this is probably why I love languages, especially English, and I’m now in the process of learning French.

As a result of my professional background I have experience in translating from English to Norwegian, and I strongly believe that we should have information available to us in our native language. And this is a big part of why I wanted to become a translator.

My skills and interests are mostly graphic design, UI/UX design, web, marketing, research, social media and communication & strategies. But I also have experience from the retail industry and public transportation.

Since I love research and learning, I also regularly add to my knowledge and skillset, so please reach out to me if you are in need of an English-Norwegian translator!

You can find me on ProZ and on LinkedIn, or you can send me a message through the contact form.

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