High-Fidelity wireframe

Project: Designing for a Trust

Native Woodland Trust is a foundation dedicated to “the preservation of Irelands remaining ancient woodlands” (Anonymous. N.D.a). The brief from the company is to create a new logo and style guide. They would also like to launch a new app for Android, and have asked me to create low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes of the app and then test it in a usability test. In addition they have also asked for a design system their designers and developers can use.

Pictures of the wireframe for the app

Brand Identity - Baristas

A strong brand identity is important to build a relationship with your target audience, and your brand gives you a personality. But how do you build a brand identity? And what does an identity really consist of? The simple answer is: logo, colors, typography and other design that identify and distinguish one brand from another. In this small assingment I got to design a logo, and the start of a color palette and typograhy for the brand Baristas.

Treelife on screen

Design Foundations - TreeLife

TreeLife knows that many people care about nature, want to protect the environment and fight climate change –especially its eco-conscious customers. TreeLife recognises the importance of tree planting as a natural climate solution but doesn’t necessarily have the knowledge or space to plant trees themselves.